Scientific articles submitted to Journal of civil engineering and transport are reviewed in accordance with the following procedure:

Initial review

Scientific Council and Editor-in-Chief assess every article to determine whether its subject and content are appropriate for being considered by the Section Editors of transEngin. An article not meeting minimal criteria shall be returned to the authors. In this way, the authors shall have the opportunity to submit an article to other journal, avoiding delays resulting from long review process.

Equivalent review

Scientific articles that will pass initial review shall be handed over to the Section Editor, who appoints reviewers based on their knowledge in a specific field. Every article is reviewed by at least two reviewers in the process of double anonymous review, in which both reviewers and authors are anonymous. The reviewers are asked to assess an article based on its originality, significance, technical solidity and lucidity. The reviewers are asked to fill a review form within one month. Upon collecting the reports of the reviewers, the Associate Editor shall send recommendations to the authors. Upon receiving corrected document according to the remarks of the reviewers and Language Editor, it is sent back to the Section Editor, who shall decide about acceptability of an article informing Associate Editor.


Based on the comments of the reviewers and recommendations of the Section Editors, Editor-in-Chief makes a final decision accepting an article and informs authors about this fact. A review is made in English on the form provided by the Associate Editor. Upon consent of the Editor-in-Chief, a review can be made in different language. An agreement concluded with a reviewer defines requirements concerning reliability and specificity of a review, due date. A reviewer shall not receive remuneration for a review. In the event of negative review, additional reviewer is appointed by the Section Editor. The editorial staff has the right to refuse a review in the event that such review does not meet requirements. When assessments of the reviewers are completely different, decision about publication is made by the Section Editor with approval of the Editor-in-Chief. The author of an article will receive text of a review without reviewer data. All reviewers have the right to repeated verification of an article. A list of the reviewers is published in each issue of transEngin in a given year and on the website.

Criteria of publication

A document to be published in Journal of civil engineering and transport must meet the following criteria: originality, significance, technical solidity, lucidity. A review has a written form and ends with clear conclusion about allowing or rejecting article for publication. There are three potential types of recommendations of an article by the reviewers:

    • Acceptance of an article.
    • Corrections required.
    • Rejection of an article.

If the reviewer thinks that document can’t be published in the Journal of civil engineering and transport, a review should include short but sufficient justification in the remarks of a review that helps author (authors) to understand final decision. The Editor-in-Chief shall decide about the issue of the journal that article will be published in.


The reviewers should treat content of reviewed document as strictly confidential and not to disclose it to others before publication. A reviewer should neither use nor disclose materials from a reviewed document. A reviewer must not disseminate copies of a reviewed article, unless it has already been published.

Conflict of interests

The reviewers are asked to inform Editor-in-Chief about any conflicts of interests while reviewing an article.